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Terms & Conditions

Wholesale Inquiries

First of all, thanks for visiting the site and getting here.

All the imagine  inside are protected by copyright , and "available on sale" on fabric satin silk   numerated in a limited edition of 10 . In a case of  "purchase " ,certificate  will be attached to the artwork ,also a little gift from me!

Of course all the photography in this site ( including the background page) can be purchased in a different material , just let me know !

Shipping is included just ask for your cuote.

Hotels , apartment,Store can be "decorated " with Art!Just let me Know the space an the pieces u wanna purchase and we will find a perfect union!

Payment Methods


- Offline Payments

Privacy & Safety

All the Artwork can be " personalized " and become unique work ( emboired , text diamonds ...acrylic paint...) just le me know your desire before  the payment and we'll do it !. In this case i'll registered the artwork with another register and u'll have your personal version !

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