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Malu' Matteo

She is born in Italy, but the world is where she has grown. Since the early years of her life, her passion for photography pushes her to document every relevant aspect of her life with the trusty Yashica she kept stealing from her father.


Here she starts shaping her personal idea of photography, where portraits and self-portraits are her love, and siblings and friends are her models.


In her teens she finally manages to buy her own camera, a Pentax, and ultimately she starts her studies at the Italian Institute of Photography, where she previously worked as model. Her passion keeps burning for years, until the day she wins the first prize in the Portrait category of the Museo D'Arte di Chianciano, and that is where her professional career begins.


Her first works are dedicated to street and travel photography, capturing people's emotions, dreams and aspirations, until she stumbles on artistic nude photography, and here's where it all finally clicked together. Her artistic evolution starts spiraling out of control, in a flurry of fantasies, desire and emotions that she brings to life with her camera and her lovely laptop. Her shots take life in her house, with friends that are at ease in her world of scenography, costumes, wigs and masks, all of which is carefully crafted and made by herself. It's just her, the camera, one flash and an incredible amount of imagination and effort.

After many years wandering around the globe, Mexico is where she lands, with an adventure that would require an entire book all by itself! Color and surrealism breed into her style, and all of a sudden she starts shifting from black and white to colors, and from portraits to surreal compositions.


These days Malù is very much playing with various surrealism concepts, mixing in her work naked bodies, mouths, eyes, animals, and many other real-life entities that she repurposed for her art.


Her art is printed on different materials and with different techniques, because "Print, is what my art is wearing", she says, and some of these work of art are even manually augmented by herself through embroidery , paint , stone ...actually she never stop looking for new " dress" for her work.  


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